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Thinking about me
Right now too?
Are You
an eight word story.
with a three word description.
Reverbrations begin in the air. Music on my eardrums. Rhythmic medicine to numb the symptoms.

Reverbrations come from the past, as the medicine brings with it bitter and familiar tastes.

Reverbrations in my head, woven into a silk net to keep my mind in order.

Reverbrations in my gut, ***********************

Reverbrations in my hands, fear as thoughts explode into black.

Reverbrations all around, and the medicine is sweet.
I see you, moving through the shadows.
I hear you, stepping softly on the grass.

Your head is lowered, but not in shame.
Your gait respectful, if not fearful.

As I sit atop, I see you in my garden.
You trim my hedges, you nurture my plants.

A useful little trespasser.

I tolerate you for your use
but think me not your ally

Your payments are the rose petals you sneak away with every night
And a dragon has no love for those who take what is his.

step lightly gardener, as you have till now
and the dragon will be content, to watch from atop.
The Dragon of Id
Not exactly what I would call a 'poem' (I've always felt that part of the art was in the difficulty that came to following structure and rhyme. this is incredibly free verse and raw). But I was having a hard time sleeping an decided to put down some lingering thoughts in the form of my writings.

Comments and Critiques are appreciated as always.


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Josiah Thomas
Current Residence: Moncton, NB
Favourite genre of music: rap, hip-hop, rock, techno.... anything but country really.
Favourite photographer: Louise Poirier
Favourite style of art: anime
Skin of choice: wtf?
Favourite cartoon character: i'd say wako warner but then i'd be to much like herofantasy
Personal Quote: FIRE RULZ
seems lately that's all i wite journals about. But whatever, every little bit helps right?

anyways, as some of you undoubtedly know already, the sphincters up at Google HQ have blocked all user comments and replies from everyone who refuses to change their user name to their real name, and does not have their youtbe account 'intergraded' with a google+ account. Yep, they really went there.

I trust i dont need to tell you guys what a massive amount of bovine fecal matter this is, so here's a link to a petition you can sign in order to make it known that you want this idiocy to end and have thinsg go back to the way they were.…

Make some noise people, stay focused, but get angry and get loud. These fuckers clearly don't respect us anymore, so let's make 'em fear us.
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Oh, And I've forgotten to wish you a quick recovery. Being sick like that sucks, especially when you're working towards an important goal. Hope you get better soon.Hug 
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*hugs* hnaks love. I actualy feel a lot better already. good thing about having a strong immune system is even when i do get sick it doesn't usually last very long ^_^
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Glad to hear it ^_^
You're lucky, whenever I'm ill it lingers on. I still can't eat normally after that thing I had 3 weeks ago. My troat is completely destroyed. You could just shrug that off like an old coat, couldn't you ;)  Who says superpowers belong in comics, you seem to have very useful one.
Phoenix-God-of-Fire Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
*must... resist.... perverted.... throat joke....*

lol, and that may be but i sure as hell didn't feel like a superpower when i was younger and never got to miss school for sick days.
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