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Are You
Thinking about me
Right now too?
:iconphoenix-god-of-fire:Phoenix-God-of-Fire 0 0
Reverbrations begin in the air. Music on my eardrums. Rhythmic medicine to numb the symptoms.
Reverbrations come from the past, as the medicine brings with it bitter and familiar tastes.
Reverbrations in my head, woven into a silk net to keep my mind in order.
Reverbrations in my gut, ***********************
Reverbrations in my hands, fear as thoughts explode into black.
Reverbrations all around, and the medicine is sweet.
:iconphoenix-god-of-fire:Phoenix-God-of-Fire 0 0
The Dragon of Id
I see you, moving through the shadows.
I hear you, stepping softly on the grass.
Your head is lowered, but not in shame.
Your gait respectful, if not fearful.
As I sit atop, I see you in my garden.
You trim my hedges, you nurture my plants.
A useful little trespasser.
I tolerate you for your use
but think me not your ally
Your payments are the rose petals you sneak away with every night
And a dragon has no love for those who take what is his.
step lightly gardener, as you have till now
and the dragon will be content, to watch from atop.
:iconphoenix-god-of-fire:Phoenix-God-of-Fire 1 1
Mature content
Hate :iconphoenix-god-of-fire:Phoenix-God-of-Fire 1 8
How do you feel?
I just feel.. directionless, I guess.
For all these years this relationship was my cornerstone. No matter what else happened, no matter what went wrong, no matter how many plans failed, She was still there. My future with her was still there.
I may not have know how I was gonna get there but I knew where I wanted to be in life. I knew I wanted to be with her, to live and grow old with her. To travel the world and have kids and own a house with her.
Now... even if the emotional pain is subsiding (slowly, barely, but still)... I'm just lost.
I don't have my cornerstone. I lost the one thing that I was defining the rest of my life, all of my goals and dreams through. I feel like I've lost all control over my life (or what little i had to begin with) and now I'm just falling, waiting to see where I'll land, and trying to guess how many bones I'll break when i do.
:iconphoenix-god-of-fire:Phoenix-God-of-Fire 0 3
Isn't It Obvious? pt.1
You know, I was always the kind of girl who went with the flow. As far back as I can remember I've never had anything I was really looking forward to. I lived life day by day and if it was good I was happy, but I never had anything I wanted.
I know, sounds like the ultimate first world problem. But it's not like there wasn't anything I could want, just nothing I did want. I was never excited about maybe going to Disney land when I was a kid because I really really wanted to. I can't remember ever looking forward to my birthday or Christmas. I was happy when the days came but didn't miss them or particularly look forward to them again when they had gone. Things didn't change when I grew up. I did well in school because it's what my parents wanted, but I didn't really have any drive. I didn't really notice it until junior year when a guidance counselor asked me one really obvious question. 'what was my dream?'
I had honestly never thought of it.
It was like suddenly becoming self aware a
:iconphoenix-god-of-fire:Phoenix-God-of-Fire 4 12
Birthday Present for Trine by Phoenix-God-of-Fire Birthday Present for Trine :iconphoenix-god-of-fire:Phoenix-God-of-Fire 0 4
I Miss You
But I don't
Want to anymore
:iconphoenix-god-of-fire:Phoenix-God-of-Fire 2 6
Mature content
Empty :iconphoenix-god-of-fire:Phoenix-God-of-Fire 0 9
Sandy Beach
Go now my dearest friend
the world is yours to see
when we meet again
i too shall then be free.
You have fought and bled, you have cried and sweat
but for all your pain, it's not over yet.
but you've earned your rest, on this sandy beach
I'll live for both of us, your purpose I'll seek.
This cry of pain is mine to shed
now lay your head onto this bed
And as I spill these tears of blood,
Walk proud the sand, and I'll the mud.
:iconphoenix-god-of-fire:Phoenix-God-of-Fire 2 0
Smile, peacefully now. There you go, wasn't so hard, was it?
The Light washes over my face
The giggle rigs in my ear.
I never did ask "What is this place?"
or "What am I doing here?"
I just close my eyes
and stay my fear.
The giggle rings again,
from that pretty young girl.
It wasn't in vain
coming to this world.
You did a good job. No need to struggle anymore, just let go.
As warmth fills my chest, I smile softly
"Death isn't so bad" I think loftily
I could get used to this, without a doubt.
so as my friend would say "Peace to every body
that's my time
I'm out"
:iconphoenix-god-of-fire:Phoenix-God-of-Fire 0 7
Urban Waltz - a love story
Come my beautiful, join with me once again tonight.
Forever our love will shine bright.
We are two but one, different but the same.
and our with our hearts joined, this world will be tamed.
Away from prying eyes, we shall be displayed to all.
Out of earshot and in disguise, we shall answer to their call.
We are so ugly and so beautiful.
so brave and yet so fearful.
With every night our love burns the sky,
And with every day, away we must shy.
One day my dearest, I will bring you to my world.
One day I will show to all, my shimmering pearl.
One day we will love, One day you will cry.
Bittersweet tears, as together we fly.
Until our time comes, where we can seize our chance.
every night let us join, in this Aruarian Dance
:iconphoenix-god-of-fire:Phoenix-God-of-Fire 2 11
Did the girl once cry tears of joy, or tears of sorrow?
For the sun-blessed youths, was there to be no tomorrow?
Son of the open sea, child of our mother earth.
To a magnificent love, they had given birth.
Their time was but a breath,  but a heartbeat,
no great task, no insurmountable feat.
But in the second that lasted a year, the day that stretched to eternity,
there lived a  burning passion, a bitter-sweet flame that engulfed infinity.
And when the son was finally reclaimed by the sea,
Brought by his heart to now fulfill his destiny.
The child, her feet rooted to mother earth as was her way,
bore the painful sight of her only love sailing away.
As the years passed, the son never returned, none knew of his fate
The child waited in her solitude, looking for no other mate.
In the reflection cast by her eyes there was but one thing that shone,
the beautiful, mystifying and forever-ending
:iconphoenix-god-of-fire:Phoenix-God-of-Fire 5 20
Luc by Phoenix-God-of-Fire
Mature content
Luc :iconphoenix-god-of-fire:Phoenix-God-of-Fire 4 10
Me+luc by Phoenix-God-of-Fire
Mature content
Me+luc :iconphoenix-god-of-fire:Phoenix-God-of-Fire 2 10
Prom day by Phoenix-God-of-Fire Prom day :iconphoenix-god-of-fire:Phoenix-God-of-Fire 2 45


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Happened a while ago, August 18th 2016 to be exact. When :icondeathbyteacozy: made me the happiest man on earth ^_^.

Posting this late because I honestly don't expect anyone else who doesn't already know to see this or care. But it was better than the last random thing i had on my page.
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Phoenix-God-of-Fire's Profile Picture
Josiah Thomas
Current Residence: Moncton, NB
Favourite genre of music: rap, hip-hop, rock, techno.... anything but country really.
Favourite photographer: Louise Poirier
Favourite style of art: anime
Skin of choice: wtf?
Favourite cartoon character: i'd say wako warner but then i'd be to much like herofantasy
Personal Quote: FIRE RULZ
Happened a while ago, August 18th 2016 to be exact. When :icondeathbyteacozy: made me the happiest man on earth ^_^.

Posting this late because I honestly don't expect anyone else who doesn't already know to see this or care. But it was better than the last random thing i had on my page.
  • Listening to: nujabes
  • Playing: mass effect 3


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BrandedDragoon Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2017
Hey, bro. How's life treating you?
Phoenix-God-of-Fire Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017
Hey there bro. Not too grand if I'm being honest.

My mental health has been deteriorating with stress and depression as of late, which is both compounded by and in turn compounds my issues with insomnia. The state of the world just gets to me on a daily basis, and I oftenfeel powerless and nihilistic.

It is most depressing that we live in a world where someone could open fire on members of US government, and i cannot even find it in my heart to condemn the actions, so corrupt has the republican party become.

*sigh* sorry, I imagine this wasn't the social chat you were looking for, but yeah, my outlook's been rather grim lately.

I hope you have been in higher spirits?
BrandedDragoon Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017
Part of me can understand why. And whether or not it's what I imagined, that's just life. I'm always happy to talk, good or bad.

My spirits have been for sure. I told you the story about the humanitarian mission I was apart of in Japan after the Fukushima disaster right?
Phoenix-God-of-Fire Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017
Actually I don't believe you did. do tell me more ^_^
BrandedDragoon Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017
How's Denmark treating you, Bud?
Phoenix-God-of-Fire Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017
Haha, none too terribly but there have been some unexpected hiccups. How're you healing up?
BrandedDragoon Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017
Much better. Epson salt has been a huge help.
Phoenix-God-of-Fire Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017
Oh dear lord do I miss bathtubs TT~TT

Effing europeans with their ecologically conscientious attitudes on water and space 'efficient' buildings.
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DevilCove Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hapy birthdeeyyyy
Phoenix-God-of-Fire Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2016
Thank ye ^_^
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